Friday, December 19, 2008

Today is Christina's birthday. She is 16 years old! She's actually bummed because school is cancelled (last day before winter break) and her friends were planning a grand party for her at school...awww.

I made her this giant cupcake (her request) to share with her lunch table at school. It was REALLY FUN to make. I had to rig it so that she could take it in a protective container (to high school) and then be able to get it out without ruining it. One cake mix was made in an angel food tube pan and the layers from another mix were added (using a shot glass to cut the middle hole out.)
The middle tube of the angel food pan was rigged with curly ribbon which is also a handle (and a candle!)

I guess it was yummy, too. It vanished!

Sorry Chrissy, no driving today...we had a sleet/snow storm last night. 

Chrissy is the daughter I always dreamed of having.

Be Careful What You Tell a Three Year Old

Little Katie's fifteen year old sister told her, "Do you want to be a princess?" --Well, duh! (most 3 year old girls wanna be a princess!) Katie sat patiently while Chrissy did something to her hair (she was sure her sister would make her beautiful.
Katie was disappointed...becoming a princess evidently doesn't mean you get curly hair...Katie thought that Chrissy was making her hair LONG!
...and blew a heckuva gasket when she discovered her hair was STILL short.

Ah, but she IS a princess (by her reaction!) and Chrissy made her hair SO CUTE!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I finally figured out how

to make a PDF file. (it was SO easy I slapped my own forehead and drank tomato juice!)
...and after two days of trying to upload it to Ravelry I discovered - duh - they have to "okay" me first.

Since this IS a blog - I should add that: yesterday I broke my printer while installing a new black ink cartridge...but after a 15 minute nap with my cuddly daughter I fixed it! (it involved a little spring and flap thingy)

Then (since I still have some layout space here)
I figured out HOW TO keep the toilet paper from rolling out completely onto the floor! If you're having this problem, too: sort of squish the empty toilet paper roll (the one that everyone refuses to throw away) inside the new one. Voila!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I need a brown paper bag to blow into!

Today I'm sending in my query to Interweave Knits for an article on Double Knitting which has only taken me 20 years to develop.  I feel like my first-born is about to jump off a CLIFF!  It took me 20 years to develop this new way to double knit because while I was figuring out the best way to communicate it I also knew I needed designer/writer credibility before anyone would even consider hearing what I have to say on the subject...
A couple of weeks ago I decided the time was RIGHT when I discovered that the bible on DK: NOTES ON DOUBLE KNITTING by Beverly Royce was selling USED in PAPERBACK for $60 to $80 a pop!...Guess what?! It has now jumped to $80 to $110 per copy and when I try to purchase it I CAN'T!!!
For those of you who don't know, I find Double Knitting to be an intellectually challenging but physically comfortable way to knit in-the-round.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Knitting for Caron International

Caron International yarn company has been very wonderful to me this year - handing me over 12 knitting and crochet designs to complete. The Juno Toddler Sweater Dress is one of my favorites. They had originally asked me to include some embroidery - however, with my background in bridal I chose to add sequin and bead embellishments to this 3 dimensional flower  stitch pattern which I am SO PROUD to have innovated.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wonder-FULL Halloween

This year Halloween was all about our 3 year old, Katie. She took great care in choosing a costume with LOTS of prissy elements: the crown, the tights, the (as she calls them) ballet shoes, the tutu, the wings, the beautiful dress. And all that work I took to create her costume (as well as her Christmas dress) was WELL WORTH IT!! I cannot believe there were no meltdowns.
The evening was perfect - in the upper 60's with no wind or bugs or mud...and our neighbors set up an extravagant cemetery scene with lights and sound that really brought Katie's sense of wonder to its highest peak!
As we trekked from house to house she repeated, "My basket's not full yet!" 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's all about TEAM work!

LJdesignPhoto ( on Etsy) and I have teamed up so that I may better represent my work.  I am delirious with the wonderful pictures she came up with. Also an "art" photographer, LJ really KNOWS how to take "fashion" photography. And this precious little model really knows how to "work it" - making the sleeves on this mini hounds tooth print jacket look absolutely angelic! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Something for BOYS!

I trolled the threads on Etsy to try to find something that not enough people make and came up with these crochet felted loafers. They are as comfy as a slipper but have a hard (not TOO hard), flexible sole that is finished in leather. These look very simple but they are fully equipped with rigid (but not TOO rigid) sides to keep them from rolling and hand crocheted old fashioned cotton gimp between the upper and the sole.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Christmas Is Coming!

And the stress of getting a photo of my girls (and new kitty) for the front of our Christmas card is gone! From left to right: Heidi, Katie, and Chrissy with Gilligan in the box. The shot was FAR from perfect and could still be better but I LOVED the expressions on my daughter's faces. Chrissy was all made up for her second Homecoming dance (what a beauty!) I swear, I did NOT tell them ALL (cat included) to tilt their heads!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free Crocheted Baby Blanket Pattern

This baby blanket was my first project for Caron International. It was made with their new yarn "Country" - a wool blend. I guess they really liked it because they keep assigning me design projects which I will share as they become available on the Naturally Caron site. For a free download of this pattern go to:, click on "pattern boutique", "crochet patterns", and the "Picadilly Crocheted in Country" (you will see the picture)

Halloween's COMING!

Several years ago I wrote a pattern for a Goldilocks or Ragedy Ann hat that was published in Crochet Magazine...and sold to House of White Burches. This pattern continues to be available at, called Halloween Hats by Kelly Klem. You can download this pattern for free from the site (the site is free to joint) - just Google: Halloween Hats Kelly Klem! I used Lion Brand yarn but if you check the gauge another yarn may work as well.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This birthday girl changed my life!

Can you believe I took this picture myself? (shot full of magnesium sulphate so I wouldn't die). Having Katie Leigh at age 44 did not kill me. In fact, she gave me a new lease on life. Upon bringing KT home I quickly discovered that she would ONLY sleep if I held her! Well, I'm not one to just sit around the house holding babies (yet) -- so I discovered I could knit...for hours at a time...KT and I found mutual BLISS!!!
Katie is the model seen most at my Klymyshyn Design shop on Etsy. She inspired the Hobbit Hat only 2 months after being born when I decided she'd be a pea in a pod for her first Halloween!
She is my live fit model. And asks about EVERYTHING I make: "you made this for me, Mommy?" (so she also gets to keep the prototypes)

Should Children Be Seen and NOT heard?

This was Katie at age 2. She SHOULD be seen and not heard because she is very difficult to understand! No "L"'s or "K"'s are in her vocabulary so she speaks in code.
However, she speaks in very complex sentences and understands EVERYTHING!
My aunt passed away this week and I was sad and explained to her why, "because my aunt died". She immediately located her personal 4" x 4" family album and showed me a picture of my sister...whom she adores more than Santa (great gift giver) -- "Oh, no, honey - MY aunt died. YOUR aunt is just fine!" She was relieved.

Little Katie is 3 years old today!

...and all she wanted was cupcakes and balloons (thank God!)
So, last night she helped her 12 year old sister, Heidi, make the cupcakes which turned out perfectly.
She's a happy little girl with a smudge of frosting on the tip of her nose. (can you see it?)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabulous at FAM!

Several of the Fam ladies are responding to Alchemy requests. This is my second...I call it Beach Comber because the customer wanted this outfit specifically for a walk on the beach. It comes with generous pockets for collecting and is embellished with vintage buttons.
Knit...Crochet...Stitch by Kelly Klem

FAM is special

We ladies of FAM have rather miraculously formed a unique group of women who can't resist helping each other: whether it's personal or business - we are simply THERE for each other. This did not happen as the result of rules, regulations, or guidelines. People tend to go where they are welcome and useful and we all innately understood this from the get-go.
I am not singing the praises of FAM for any other reason than my deep gratefulness for knowing you all. It's better than getting a sale!