Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Katie is 3 years old today!

...and all she wanted was cupcakes and balloons (thank God!)
So, last night she helped her 12 year old sister, Heidi, make the cupcakes which turned out perfectly.
She's a happy little girl with a smudge of frosting on the tip of her nose. (can you see it?)


Abby said...

Happy Birthday KT! Don't ya just love a low maintenance girl?!
Abby/Holy Craft

Whimsical Creations said...

Happy birthday KT!!!! That pic is adorable!

=) melanie

Esther and Agnes said...

Wow, cupcakes our family's favourites.

Happy Birthday Katie, you have alot of virtual aunties

luv, auntie Esther

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

How cute!
hope Katie's birthday was terrific!
My nephew's turning three in January.. I just can't believe it!

Ally said...

What a pretty girl! My oldest turned 3 in may, he likes cupcakes too...just the frosting, he wont touch the cake part! =)