Saturday, September 13, 2008

Should Children Be Seen and NOT heard?

This was Katie at age 2. She SHOULD be seen and not heard because she is very difficult to understand! No "L"'s or "K"'s are in her vocabulary so she speaks in code.
However, she speaks in very complex sentences and understands EVERYTHING!
My aunt passed away this week and I was sad and explained to her why, "because my aunt died". She immediately located her personal 4" x 4" family album and showed me a picture of my sister...whom she adores more than Santa (great gift giver) -- "Oh, no, honey - MY aunt died. YOUR aunt is just fine!" She was relieved.

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Esther and Agnes said...

Bar Code is better than duct tape, very creative, you should sell the photo on Etsy ... do you think they will say child abuse? nah!!