Saturday, September 13, 2008

This birthday girl changed my life!

Can you believe I took this picture myself? (shot full of magnesium sulphate so I wouldn't die). Having Katie Leigh at age 44 did not kill me. In fact, she gave me a new lease on life. Upon bringing KT home I quickly discovered that she would ONLY sleep if I held her! Well, I'm not one to just sit around the house holding babies (yet) -- so I discovered I could knit...for hours at a time...KT and I found mutual BLISS!!!
Katie is the model seen most at my Klymyshyn Design shop on Etsy. She inspired the Hobbit Hat only 2 months after being born when I decided she'd be a pea in a pod for her first Halloween!
She is my live fit model. And asks about EVERYTHING I make: "you made this for me, Mommy?" (so she also gets to keep the prototypes)


RetroRugrats said...

What a sweet story! KT is beautiful. Happy Birthday big girl!

Esther and Agnes said...

And here I thought you had always knitted. What a blessing for you both. You know because she always hears the needles click back and forth she will be a knitter extradordaire, just like her Mum

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful birthday girl!

New England Quilter said...

My goodness - it is hard to believe that is her - she is such a big girl now! Happy birthday to your darling daughter!