Thursday, November 6, 2008

Knitting for Caron International

Caron International yarn company has been very wonderful to me this year - handing me over 12 knitting and crochet designs to complete. The Juno Toddler Sweater Dress is one of my favorites. They had originally asked me to include some embroidery - however, with my background in bridal I chose to add sequin and bead embellishments to this 3 dimensional flower  stitch pattern which I am SO PROUD to have innovated.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wonder-FULL Halloween

This year Halloween was all about our 3 year old, Katie. She took great care in choosing a costume with LOTS of prissy elements: the crown, the tights, the (as she calls them) ballet shoes, the tutu, the wings, the beautiful dress. And all that work I took to create her costume (as well as her Christmas dress) was WELL WORTH IT!! I cannot believe there were no meltdowns.
The evening was perfect - in the upper 60's with no wind or bugs or mud...and our neighbors set up an extravagant cemetery scene with lights and sound that really brought Katie's sense of wonder to its highest peak!
As we trekked from house to house she repeated, "My basket's not full yet!"