Friday, December 19, 2008

Be Careful What You Tell a Three Year Old

Little Katie's fifteen year old sister told her, "Do you want to be a princess?" --Well, duh! (most 3 year old girls wanna be a princess!) Katie sat patiently while Chrissy did something to her hair (she was sure her sister would make her beautiful.
Katie was disappointed...becoming a princess evidently doesn't mean you get curly hair...Katie thought that Chrissy was making her hair LONG!
...and blew a heckuva gasket when she discovered her hair was STILL short.

Ah, but she IS a princess (by her reaction!) and Chrissy made her hair SO CUTE!!!


Whimsical Creations said...

How funny!

Leah said...

What a cute story! I think she looks cute too :)

K said...

Oh dear, what a shame after all that effort!

I have hip-length hair, and it does go down big with little girls, despite being very straight and a boring brown colour.

My little cousin-in-law, aged five, is determined to grow her hair "like yours" and has refused to get it cut since she last saw me. Oops. I hope her mother isn't cross. I'd better wear it up next time I'm introduced to a little girl.

When I was little, I always wanted curly hair like my sister's. You can't win.

jasminduft said...

Funny story! :-) And the little girl is just SO cute! Great photo! She somehow reminds me of Shirley Temple. Will you please tell her she still looks like a princess even with the short curly hair! ;-)