Sunday, September 28, 2008

Christmas Is Coming!

And the stress of getting a photo of my girls (and new kitty) for the front of our Christmas card is gone! From left to right: Heidi, Katie, and Chrissy with Gilligan in the box. The shot was FAR from perfect and could still be better but I LOVED the expressions on my daughter's faces. Chrissy was all made up for her second Homecoming dance (what a beauty!) I swear, I did NOT tell them ALL (cat included) to tilt their heads!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free Crocheted Baby Blanket Pattern

This baby blanket was my first project for Caron International. It was made with their new yarn "Country" - a wool blend. I guess they really liked it because they keep assigning me design projects which I will share as they become available on the Naturally Caron site. For a free download of this pattern go to:, click on "pattern boutique", "crochet patterns", and the "Picadilly Crocheted in Country" (you will see the picture)

Halloween's COMING!

Several years ago I wrote a pattern for a Goldilocks or Ragedy Ann hat that was published in Crochet Magazine...and sold to House of White Burches. This pattern continues to be available at, called Halloween Hats by Kelly Klem. You can download this pattern for free from the site (the site is free to joint) - just Google: Halloween Hats Kelly Klem! I used Lion Brand yarn but if you check the gauge another yarn may work as well.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This birthday girl changed my life!

Can you believe I took this picture myself? (shot full of magnesium sulphate so I wouldn't die). Having Katie Leigh at age 44 did not kill me. In fact, she gave me a new lease on life. Upon bringing KT home I quickly discovered that she would ONLY sleep if I held her! Well, I'm not one to just sit around the house holding babies (yet) -- so I discovered I could knit...for hours at a time...KT and I found mutual BLISS!!!
Katie is the model seen most at my Klymyshyn Design shop on Etsy. She inspired the Hobbit Hat only 2 months after being born when I decided she'd be a pea in a pod for her first Halloween!
She is my live fit model. And asks about EVERYTHING I make: "you made this for me, Mommy?" (so she also gets to keep the prototypes)

Should Children Be Seen and NOT heard?

This was Katie at age 2. She SHOULD be seen and not heard because she is very difficult to understand! No "L"'s or "K"'s are in her vocabulary so she speaks in code.
However, she speaks in very complex sentences and understands EVERYTHING!
My aunt passed away this week and I was sad and explained to her why, "because my aunt died". She immediately located her personal 4" x 4" family album and showed me a picture of my sister...whom she adores more than Santa (great gift giver) -- "Oh, no, honey - MY aunt died. YOUR aunt is just fine!" She was relieved.

Little Katie is 3 years old today!

...and all she wanted was cupcakes and balloons (thank God!)
So, last night she helped her 12 year old sister, Heidi, make the cupcakes which turned out perfectly.
She's a happy little girl with a smudge of frosting on the tip of her nose. (can you see it?)