Sunday, January 11, 2009

TEEN Fashion Trend 16 year old daughter came to me a week and a half before Christmas with a picture of some slipper boots (all the rage with teens) from Urban these colors...that were no longer available for purchase!
Okay - I did think that they were gorgeous, however, they were slipper boots: meaning they were soft sole...and...hello!...we live in Nebraska! (and I KNEW she'd be wearing them to school).
...a lightbulb went off...I've had these perfectly comfortable KEDs tennis shoes (all broken in) but "looking" broken I knit a fair isle upper in Caron Bliss and a turqoise sport yarn which no longer had a label (from my stash)...knitted feverishly...lined the upper in bright pink stretch fleece...stitched and glued it to the shoes and ... VOILA! A slipper boot that is more a boot and less a slipper. Was she happy? Ya think?

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Daring Old Chic!


It's not difficult for me to show old pictures of myself (or look at them). However it IS HARD to see new pictures of my OLD SELF!

I am doing this as an exercise to live out loud in 2009 - and do this without apologizing - YAY me!

This is the way I look to most I look up from constant knitting!  

My New Year's Resolution is to write as many patterns as I can. And I have a STRONG start: I've written a tubular medium weight sock in DK, a tubular sport weight felted fingerless glove in DK, a scoop front medium weight cotton socklet (like a ped) in DK, and a mitten with foldover mitten flap glove pattern (take a breath!) all this year!!!