Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm a FINALIST in The Knitting Guild Association contest!

Design etiquette does not allow me to show the entire item before final judging...

I'm so happy to be promoting DOUBLE KNIT in this design, seamlessly knit in tubular double knit with DOUBLE KNIT finishing that is quite unique (and was a blast to figure out!).

Knit in Tahki Yarn "New Tweed" - a gorgeous wool/silk/viscose blend with a beautiful garment drape. The colors are heathered and work well in combination with other "New Tweed" colors.

The Knitting Guild Association Design Competition in association with yarnmarket.com final judging takes place May 15, 2009 at the TKGA National Convention Knit & Crochet Show in Portland (May 14-17)

--that means I gotta wait (while wearing my adrenal glands to a frazzle) for a month and a half.  In the meantime, it is so encouraging to know that I've been recognized already!

This year, for me, is all about establishing myself as a designer in knit wearables.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Patterns, Here I Come!

I've toyed with the idea of self publishing and selling my patterns at my Etsy shop for awhile now.  Last year Caron International kept me very busy with projects and I did not have time to work on self publishing. When you get $100 to $400 for a pattern from a yarn company and they keep you in stitches - there's no need. However, Caron (very kindly) informed their designers that in 2009 they will not have as many projects, due to the economic crisis. I thought it was VERY considerate of them to tell us that and began preparing PDF patterns for self publishing.
I'm pleased to share that in the first week that my ECO Sock pattern went up for sale I sold 20 copies! So, maybe self publishing is a thing to pursue in slow times. Magazine, book, and yarn company publishers of patterns are a wonderful venue because they reach a HUGE market.
I will continue to pursue them but, in the meantime, here is a preview of my next release at www.KlymyshynDesign.Etsy.com that is knit in the round on a pair of straight needles (who said you couldn't make lace in dk?)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flatfold Knitting and Thrumming with silk

I consider my "Flatfold Knitting Technique" to be a progession on the technique: tubular double knitting, developed by the late Beverly Royce.
In the work above, the knit work was cast on closed and thrummed with silk while being knit in the round on a pair of straight needles. It is primarily knit inside out for the convenience of working "knit 1 back stitch, slip 1 front stitch" in one motion rather than moving the working yarn to the forward and back positions. This lends itself well to thrumming.
As you can see, after working the tube, I began knitting back and forth to create a slit opening at the chest and then proceeded to use bind off decreases until half of the total number of stitches were on one needle. These will be folded in half and kitchenered to make the hood of the silk thrummed baby swaddle pod.

In the second photo is the ECO Sock in progress. Half of the total number of sts was cast on and worked back and forth to make the heel. Increases are worked on the other side of the Flatfold and needle until the total number of sts have been increased. The foot rows will then be worked in tubular double knit on a pair of straight needles.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Every three months someone in our immediate family has a birthday -- except for those New Year's celebration babies of which we have two (in September).
This year we now have TWO teenagers (and a 3 year old! .... hrumph ... New Years celebrations...) This birthday girl was my birthday present 13 years ago (which means I'll get a year older in 3 months!)
She was the piece of life that helped me look forward to keep on livin' after my mom died. She has kept me on my toes ever since.
Her kindergarten teacher put it well, "Heidi will always be happy" - because she seeks fun - constantly.
What did she want? (thank God her birthday finally CAME...'cause the ideas of "what she wanted" kept coming in - daily!) The first was an apron (shown below) and a chef's hat - the pattern for this will be available soon. (I think she likes the hat - she's had it on all day!)
She also got an original sweater (by me) - a skinny sleeve, cropped cable jacket in cotton and wool - knit with absolutely NO SEAMS.
At the very last minute she wanted some fuzzy socks...so I made those too. I can't believe I got it all done. And baked her a cake, too!
Happy Birthday, darling...ya drive me nuts but I wouldn't have it any other way. MOM