Sunday, December 26, 2010

All is calm, all is bright

It was a white Christmas but not overly white like last year. The kids are content and wondering how they faired so well (you better watch out...). I made tons of stuff, even streetworthy knit and crocheted boots for the teen daughters. Heidi loves her faux UGG/Candies though these are crocheted (rather than knit) with cotton and Ecuadorian alpaca (my niece gave me days before Chrismas). They are mounted on the footbed/sole of some Clarks I used to wear. Chrissy's LOOK like slippers but have a more substantial (and, yes, recycled) sole as well. I used my new Trellis knit stitch pattern in Bernat Mosaic. It's always fun guessing which color will come up next. 1 skein was just perfect for making two matching boots.
It was a tumultuous end to the year 2010. Sweet Gilligan managed to get some yarn wrapped around the back of his tongue (on Thanksgiving DAY) and spent a night at the emergency veterinary hospital.
That set me back on my CARON assignments but I got all 3 design projects in within 2 days of the deadline. Which set me back on my Christmas gifts and before I knew it CHRISTMAS was upon us!
The girls made a gorgeous wooden door harp for my sister whom I will likely see along with my brother later in the week.
My book proposal is all but in the mailer.
I contacted Spinrite about working up an Irish Knit design booklet and they sent me a HUGE designer box! I need to put the correct spin (ha) on that as I spoke to some Irish knitters on Ravelry who consider the American perspective on Irish Knits rather old-fashioned. I need to do this publication though. It is a public "thank you" to our Ireland born neighbor who saved my husband's life last year. (Alan is likewise directing a C.U. production: Dancing At Lughnasa which is a slice of life in Ireland)
Katie got a roar from her Uncle Bob when she shouted, "I got a Barbie castle even though I was naughty!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Day Has Come.

Actually, OUR (each member of the Klem clan) day has come.
After his year of diligence working as the Artistic Director for the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, Alan is on a peace filled bass fishing expedition. Next week classes at Creighton University where he teaches acting and directing will commence.
Our lovely eldest, Chrissy, began her first day as a senior at Central. She landed a great "first job" at Coldstone Creamery and is her usual happy self to be more than busy balancing her honors academic schedule with playing in the frontline of band, playing second base for the varsity girls' softball team.
Stuck in the middle (birth order) but always a free spirit, Heidi, began her first year of high school. Central High is a BIG school with HIGH academic standards ranking with the best private schools in the area. I asked her if she had any trouble finding a spot at the lunch table. "No, mom. I walked into the courtyard and people" - nearly fought over where she should land. She's playing shortstop on the junior varsity girls' softball team and already has an interest in Augie (a boy). I'm not worried. She goes through boys like I go through M & M's. She has an excellent sense of her self.
Talk about darling baby, Katie, began kindergarten! We snuggled (upon her demand) for a good half our in the rocking chair before heading out on foot, only 6 neighborhood blocks. We were so happy to find her name on a desk in Mrs. Anderson's classroom (pictured).
My sweet little girl is beginning to have a little independence now. We're all so proud of her.
I didn't leave myself out. I am free to write without distraction.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goals are Being MET!

I quit my day job almost five years ago when my husband and I welcomed our bonus baby, Katie. She was a happy baby (as long as I nearly always held her). Together, Katie and I found bliss. Katie snuggled in my arms as I knit for hours. Sometimes we have to do what we did not plan to do. If we follow the path set in front of us we may discover that changes of plans do not necessarily have a negative impact on our lives.
This week I was delighted to see Annie Modesitt's newest release, 1000 fabulous knit hats. I knew I had been accepted as a contributor to the book. I did not realize I would have 6 entries published: pages 182, 201, 248, 252, 273, and 297. I was even more excited when I discovered that this book has been distributed to the major markets. 1000 fabulous knit hats is an inspiring compilation of hat culture that is flourishing around the world.
That is not ALL!
I continue to have a wonderful professional relationship with Caron International. This is a good fit for both of us and I'm humbly grateful for the intelligent manner that they promote my name as a designer. I just received  Leisure Arts pamphlet #75346, GRANNIES GONE WILD. This is a contemporary take on the traditional Granny Square promoting Caron Simply Soft yarns. I am in fine company with 5 other Caron designers with "go check on granny", a multi-color square with fewer knots and no gaps. My stitch pattern variation makes GRANNY less holey, less knotty - but worth having around.
Am I famous yet?
The Double Knitting Group at intertained me (and purchased many ECO Sock patterns). Carol and Michele in particular shared their woes as they buried their heads in the Flatfold Tubular increase. Once they mastered it they felt very satisfied with their success and promised to knit this pattern again and again. I'm satisfied that others enjoy this brain bending technique as much as I do.
Finally, I am breathless with excitement as I work to prepare my book proposal on Tubular Double Knitting. I believe it will be ready to send in July. I have been developing this technique for twenty two years. The discoveries I've made along the way have been the most joyful epiphanies and I MUST share them!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brooks Family Chair

As I await warm gardening weather I've found plenty of work to do indoors. This ancient platform rocker is my all time favorite chair to knit in. It leans me back a little, to give my back a pleasant weightlessness. It took me a few months to figure out what fabrics I wanted to reupholster it in but I'm so happy with this choice!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When life brings you snow...

It's March now and we still have snow from two December blizzards. It was too cold to play in back then. We tried to make a sled run but could only be outside 30 minutes at a time. Went through a lot of hot cocoa. Today we got up to 40 sunny degrees - perfect for building Frosty. His whole face is made of baby carrots.
Katie is now ready for Spring gardening. I LOVE how she embraces the uniqueness that each season brings us.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exactly thirty years ago I was a theatre major at Creighton University. A graduate of Texas Christian University, Alan Klem, came onto the CU campus to direct "Two Gentlemen of Verona", the rock musical. Equipped with his actor's Equity card from his days at Casa Manana in Fort Worth our production won an extended run by popular demand.
Today, Alan Klem is the Artistic Director for the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival which will be breathing this wonderful script back into existence in Memorial Park this coming June/July. We will celebrate our 18th year of marriage at the same time.
This production will bring joy to our hearts as it brings tears to our eyes. Alan broke his ankle a few weeks ago. Just one week ago he nearly lost his life throwing blood clots to his lungs.
The Nebraska Shakespeare Festival is also producing Romeo and Juliet. There is nothing like tragedy (or near tragedy) to bring events into crystal clear perspective.

Monday, January 4, 2010

All that deep, deep, DEEP snow!

All that snow HAS TO GO!

The last month of 2009 brought Omaha a very white Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the following Sunday church services were nearly ALL canceled. If the streets had been plowed to permit traffic there would be no place to park...not to mention the mountains created (by plowing) at each intersection.

The snow is mostly 2' deep with much larger drifts.

Did I mention what 2010 is ringing in? On Wednesday January 6 Mother Nature is threatening to bring us 4-7 more inches!