Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goals are Being MET!

I quit my day job almost five years ago when my husband and I welcomed our bonus baby, Katie. She was a happy baby (as long as I nearly always held her). Together, Katie and I found bliss. Katie snuggled in my arms as I knit for hours. Sometimes we have to do what we did not plan to do. If we follow the path set in front of us we may discover that changes of plans do not necessarily have a negative impact on our lives.
This week I was delighted to see Annie Modesitt's newest release, 1000 fabulous knit hats. I knew I had been accepted as a contributor to the book. I did not realize I would have 6 entries published: pages 182, 201, 248, 252, 273, and 297. I was even more excited when I discovered that this book has been distributed to the major markets. 1000 fabulous knit hats is an inspiring compilation of hat culture that is flourishing around the world.
That is not ALL!
I continue to have a wonderful professional relationship with Caron International. This is a good fit for both of us and I'm humbly grateful for the intelligent manner that they promote my name as a designer. I just received  Leisure Arts pamphlet #75346, GRANNIES GONE WILD. This is a contemporary take on the traditional Granny Square promoting Caron Simply Soft yarns. I am in fine company with 5 other Caron designers with "go check on granny", a multi-color square with fewer knots and no gaps. My stitch pattern variation makes GRANNY less holey, less knotty - but worth having around.
Am I famous yet?
The Double Knitting Group at intertained me (and purchased many ECO Sock patterns). Carol and Michele in particular shared their woes as they buried their heads in the Flatfold Tubular increase. Once they mastered it they felt very satisfied with their success and promised to knit this pattern again and again. I'm satisfied that others enjoy this brain bending technique as much as I do.
Finally, I am breathless with excitement as I work to prepare my book proposal on Tubular Double Knitting. I believe it will be ready to send in July. I have been developing this technique for twenty two years. The discoveries I've made along the way have been the most joyful epiphanies and I MUST share them!