Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Day Has Come.

Actually, OUR (each member of the Klem clan) day has come.
After his year of diligence working as the Artistic Director for the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, Alan is on a peace filled bass fishing expedition. Next week classes at Creighton University where he teaches acting and directing will commence.
Our lovely eldest, Chrissy, began her first day as a senior at Central. She landed a great "first job" at Coldstone Creamery and is her usual happy self to be more than busy balancing her honors academic schedule with playing in the frontline of band, playing second base for the varsity girls' softball team.
Stuck in the middle (birth order) but always a free spirit, Heidi, began her first year of high school. Central High is a BIG school with HIGH academic standards ranking with the best private schools in the area. I asked her if she had any trouble finding a spot at the lunch table. "No, mom. I walked into the courtyard and people" - nearly fought over where she should land. She's playing shortstop on the junior varsity girls' softball team and already has an interest in Augie (a boy). I'm not worried. She goes through boys like I go through M & M's. She has an excellent sense of her self.
Talk about milestones...my darling baby, Katie, began kindergarten! We snuggled (upon her demand) for a good half our in the rocking chair before heading out on foot, only 6 neighborhood blocks. We were so happy to find her name on a desk in Mrs. Anderson's classroom (pictured).
My sweet little girl is beginning to have a little independence now. We're all so proud of her.
I didn't leave myself out. I am free to write without distraction.

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Alyoops said...

Congratulations! Kindergarten is a big deal :)