Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exactly thirty years ago I was a theatre major at Creighton University. A graduate of Texas Christian University, Alan Klem, came onto the CU campus to direct "Two Gentlemen of Verona", the rock musical. Equipped with his actor's Equity card from his days at Casa Manana in Fort Worth our production won an extended run by popular demand.
Today, Alan Klem is the Artistic Director for the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival which will be breathing this wonderful script back into existence in Memorial Park this coming June/July. We will celebrate our 18th year of marriage at the same time.
This production will bring joy to our hearts as it brings tears to our eyes. Alan broke his ankle a few weeks ago. Just one week ago he nearly lost his life throwing blood clots to his lungs.
The Nebraska Shakespeare Festival is also producing Romeo and Juliet. There is nothing like tragedy (or near tragedy) to bring events into crystal clear perspective.

Monday, January 4, 2010

All that deep, deep, DEEP snow!

All that snow HAS TO GO!

The last month of 2009 brought Omaha a very white Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the following Sunday church services were nearly ALL canceled. If the streets had been plowed to permit traffic there would be no place to park...not to mention the mountains created (by plowing) at each intersection.

The snow is mostly 2' deep with much larger drifts.

Did I mention what 2010 is ringing in? On Wednesday January 6 Mother Nature is threatening to bring us 4-7 more inches!