Saturday, May 7, 2011


It's too bad you can't know my mother. She passed in 1995. Two months after Dad. She did manage, however, to plant little bits and pieces of herself in me. I am proud to carry on these qualities: undying love for my children, a certain sweet feminity that I couldn't shake off if I wanted to, the most incredible knack for saying something wrong but hilarious!
Mostly, she taught me to take people for who they are rather than who I want them to be as I simultaneously learn to live with my own flaws without holding a grudge.
Mom, you may be gone from this world but you will always be within me. I will hold you in my heart. Hold you there, forever.

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madaboutcrochet said...

This is lovely. I can relate having lost my mother in 1998 to cancer. Happy Mother's Day.