Monday, July 16, 2012


This (picture) is the logo (not great but recognizeable) for the classes I am preparing to teach at Hobby Lobby in Omaha, NE. I have no affiliation with HL but am grateful for the use of their classroom as a meeting site. I am very excited that the HL store on 90th Street has plans for a brand spankin' new building (where the old God forsaken Bag-n-Save is going down next to Best Buy) at 75th and Dodge Streets in midtown Omaha. The BIG MOVE is currently scheduled to take place October of 2012. (I will keep y'all posted as these expectations can change).
I have also created a Group on Ravelry: for communication regarding the classes but not limited to that. Your input is welcome, even if you have no plan to physically attend.
It is very possible that I might extend these classes "virtually" by sending written materials in the form of PDF files with lessons and patterns which receive teacher support on the (above) Ravelry site.
I expect to teach new knitters as well as knitters who are quite knowledgeable. You will receive handouts (with 3 holes) of instruction, knitting industry standards from the Craft Yarn Council, and original patterns for very practical projects for you to keep or to make as gifts. Continuing the classroom education will build you a BOOK on knitting. You decide which classes to take and which ones you wish to skip.
So---who the heck is Kelly Klem?!
Beginning this journey (of teaching) was directly precipitated by my loss of a yarn company connection. The yarn company kept me very happily designing for them but has been sold to another fine yarn company. As a matter of fact, Cari Clement, to whom I reported, single handedly (along with tech editors, data typesetters, and Carrie Carpenter) put me on the map as a designer. I will forever be indebted to her.
In slow times when I was not designing for CARON, I began self publishing patterns on Ravelry and Etsy. I am "klemknitter" on Ravelry with patterns by designer "Kelly Klem" or: . Many of these are free downloads from CARON.
My Esty shop is at:
My area of expertise is Tubular Double Knitting, a technique for knitting in the round with 2 needle points. I have been fleshing out the vast nuances of this manner of knitting since 1988 when I stayed up all night (my cat, Abby, bewildered) with what I believed to be an epiphany of earth shattering consequence.
As I am running out of (virtual) paper I will leave it at this and hope to see you soon,-either on Ravelry or at Hobby Lobby in Omaha! bye-bye for now...Kelly

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Am I famous yet?

Okay. So it's not about being famous. What IS it about? (So glad you asked, sister Gemini)!
When a child is born (and this is a fundamental belief of mine) it is not by accident but, rather, with very specific purpose. We may never tangibly realise the purpose. Still, there is purpose in each of our lives.
I hope my purpose (or one - after having built our lovely family) is to share my epic discoveries as I flesh out the nuances of tubular double knitting. It is mentioned in at least three of the newest knitting books. Alas, only mentioned. Begging a publisher to allow you to expound on a technique that so few knitters know like...not the proper angle of approach.
Perhaps using a familiar angle will work...?
So - I await news on my 4th revision, same idea, new approach. It's been 5 palpable weeks. Soon, I say, to console myself.